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28 September 2018

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service recruiting new full-time firefighters

Full-time firefighters are being recruited by Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS).

Applications open online at 10am on Monday 1st October and will close at 10am on Friday 12th October.

CFRS are recruiting approximately 12 new wholetime (full-time) firefighters who will undergo an intensive training programme before joining fire crews throughout Cumbria.

Two of Cumbria's firefighters who successfully completed a recent recruitment process are Megan Walker and Chris Little. They will feature in a social media campaign highlighting the role of firefighters throughout the CFRS recruitment drive.

Megan said: “I wanted a job where I felt I was helping people and doing something for someone else. The idea of a job where you are doing a variety of things and not the same thing day in, day out really appealed. Since starting this job, women have asked me if they can do it, are they strong enough, and the answer is yes. I had to do my training, exercise for the bleep test, work on my strength, because you are doing everything that everyone else does in the fire service.”

Chris said: “Having worked behind a desk for 15 years, I was looking for a change of career. I wanted to test myself and be the best that I could and also help people, so becoming a firefighter was perfect for me. I’ve been on station for 15 months and it’s been fantastic, better than I could have expected. I’m working with a great team and that’s one of the best parts of the job.”

CFRS has held a series of taster days at fire stations in the county this week to give people an insight into the role of a firefighter and the physical fitness tests they must complete.

New recruits are needed as CFRS expects a number of serving firefighters to retire or be promoted in the future.

It is only the second time in a decade that CFRS has held a recruitment campaign for wholetime firefighters.

For more information and to apply to become a wholetime firefighter, go to: cumbria.gov.uk/JoinCFRS

The recruitment campaign for wholetime firefighters is taking place alongside separate recruitment drives by CFRS for on-call firefighters and apprentice firefighters in Cumbria. For full details, visit cumbria.gov.uk/cumbriafire/workforcfrs/default.asp

Full-time firefighters are being recruited by Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS).